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paving driveway

Driveway Paving Services

Total Quality Outdoor Works INC is proud to offer driveway paving services. A smooth, even driveway looks great in front of your home and is easier on your tires. We pour concrete driveways using tried and true techniques to ensure there are no bubbles or other issues. 


Concrete is durable and lasts for years, making it a top choice for sidewalks. However, we also offer paver installation for driveways. Brick and stone pavers are visually impressive and easy to maintain. We provide stone and brick repairs when necessary. 


We also offer sidewalk construction services. Clean, smooth sidewalks make a positive impression on guests. Sidewalks and walkways make it easier to navigate your yard without getting your shoes dirty.


Contact us to start planning your new driveway in Jacksonville, FL or nearby cities!

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